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Hi, I'm Julie, my passion is human learning
I fell in love with learning when I was a child growing up in Las Vegas
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Julie Schell Headshot

Julie Schell, EDD


The University of Texas at Austin

Assistant Vice Provost of Academic Technology, Director of the Office of Academic Technology ​

Assistant Professor of Practice

Department of Design

Department of Educational Leadership and Policy 

Harvard University 

Research Affiliate, Mazur Group  

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Design X Learning 

Dr. Julie Schell is the Assistant Vice Provost of Academic Technology and the Director of the Office of Academic Technology at The University of Texas at Austin. She oversees the University's technology-enhanced learning ecosystem and works to advance teaching and learning through the strategic use of academic technology. She is also an Assistant Professor of Practice in the Departments of Design and Educational Leadership and Policy, where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on learning experience design. In her current studios, Dr. Schell and her students are partnering with generative AI to prototype speculative objects and environments designed to improve teaching and learning in education settings. 

Established Keynote Speaker and Facilitator  (see Recent Talks below)

Dr. Schell has facilitated over 300 interactive talks, workshops, trainings, and keynote speeches on various topics related to gen AI in education, design thinking, interactive teaching, learning science, and technology-enhanced education. She has led engagements worldwide, including in Aruba, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Germany, and the United States. She has also facilitated workshops for universities in Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and South Africa.

Design x Learning

Dr. Schell's work focuses on how people learn and how to help them learn best. In early 2013, she began exploring design thinking as a content area that many people were attempting to learn but not grasping. This work resulted in, Think Before You Design Think­™️, a popular introductory human-centered design series that infuses the science of learning to increase meaningful adoption of the method. Dr. Schell first launched Think Before You Design Thinking at AT&T and has since delivered it to Fortune 500 companies, school districts, businesses, and non-profit organizations

Julie Schell Portrait
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Facilitation Style and Approach

Recent Talks and Workshops

"This was the most engaging workshop I've experienced in my 20 year career in teaching."

K-12 teacher. 

Dr. Schell's workshops are engaging, interactive, and hands-on because that is how people learn best. Each experience blends active learning methods such as reflection, application, and social learning and design methods, including ideation and prototyping. Examples of her recent engagements in each area are noted below. 

Schell, Julie. (2024, May 2). AI and higher education: Navigating shifting landscapes [Panelist] National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development. Webinar. 


Schell, Julie. (2024, March 20). Mitigating implicit bias in course evaluations [Panelist]. Blue Explorance, Live Webinar. 


Schell, Julie. (2024, March 22). Beyond text: Synthetic multimedia in art and design education [Traditional Presentation]. AI Interest Group: UT Austin Libraries, Austin, Texas. 


Schell, Julie. (2024, March 8). AI Forward-AI Responsible: How to implement generative AI in the classroom [Keynote]. Oakland Community College, Assessment Day 2024, Austin, Texas. 


Schell, Julie. (2024, March 7). AI Forward-AI Responsible: How to implement generative AI in the classroom [Traditional Presentation]. UT System Innovative Teaching and Learning in the Era of Generative AI, Austin, Texas. 


Schell, Julie, Greenberg, Sherri, Kincannon, Susan. (2024, March 4). Gen AI in class: Women-led perspectives [Workshop]. SXSWedu 2024, Austin, Texas. 


Schell, Julie and Glass, Tamie (2023, December 4-6). Think before you design think [Design Studio Workshop]. Waco ISD and Atlanta Public Schools, Austin, Texas.  


Schell, Julie. (2023, November 30). Teaching in the age of generative AI [Keynote]. Our Lady of the Lake University, Fall Webinar. 

Julie Schell Portrait
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Select Publications

Designing For Academic Resilience in Hands-On Courses in Times of Crisis: Two Models for Supporting Hands-On Online Learning Drawn From the COVID-19 Pandemic. American Behavioral Scientist, 2023 


Adapting Peer Instruction for online learning. In C. E. Overson, C. M. Hakala, L. L. Kordonowy, & V. A. Benassi (Eds.), In their own words: What scholars and teachers want you to know about why and how to apply the science of learning in your academic setting (pp. 171-184). Society for the Teaching of Psychology. 2023 


An Evidence-Based Design Thinking Pedagogy, Journal of Design and Creative Technologies, 2020 


Design Thinking Has a Pedagogy Problem...And a Way Forward, Journal of Design and Creative Technologies, 2019 

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